Puppy Head Start

Luci and Duck

Puppy Head Start is just what the name entails a “Head Start” for your retriever puppy making future training so much easier and faster. This program is for retriever puppies under 4 months old. Training can be for a week here and there, for a few months, or done with private lessons. Puppy head start is beneficial for ALL retrievers whether your goal with you retriever is a nice hunting dog or a AKC Master Hunter.

Norma JeanI work with every retriever puppy as if it is my own ensuring your retriever puppy will make an excellent gun dog and/or hunt test competitor as well as a great family pet. During their stay, your retriever puppy will be boarded and trained by me. We will work on puppy basics such as potty training, socializing, and crate.  We  will introduce your retriever puppy to: water (weather permitting), birds (pigeons for smaller retriever pups or ducks for bigger retriever puppies), and gun fire. Marking skills are taught, basic obedience training, and puppy handling.  I also teach puppy hold and happy fetch which is very helpful when it comes time to start Force Fetch with your pup!  Puppies who go through my puppy head start learn quicker and go further faster with their training.  It is well worth the extra training for you puppy!



The number of dogs in training at one time is limited ensuring your dog gets the time and training they deserve. To discuss availability and a training program for your new puppy call (503) 522-9896 or email adrienne@rogueretrievers.com.

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