Obedience Private Lessons

classmeetgreetIf you have a reactive dog that would not do well in a class setting, a dog with one specific issue like jumping, or you just can’t fit a four-six week class into your schedule private dog training lessons perfect for you! Don’t rely on books and the advice of others, see what a difference professional dog training can do for you and your dog.

You can fit a dog obedience lesson into any schedule. With advance notice I am very flexible for scheduling. For example, a dog training lesson could be scheduled for a Saturday morning and a Wednesday afternoon. Lessons can also be in your home if you need specific dog behavior training for home life such as potty training. Basic obedience can also be taught one-on-one in the lessons.

German Shepherd and Black Labrador Retriever heeling togetherThe other great thing about dog training lessons is they can be tailored specifically to your dogs needs. For example, you could schedule a private obedience lesson for your reactive dog introducing them to new dogs so that your dog can calmly walk in the park or take a class, or maybe you have a dog that jumps on your children so you could schedule an obedience lesson with your dog and your whole family. For more information call (503) 522-9896 or email adrienne@rogueretrievers.com.

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