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Muncie is the kind of Labrador everyone wants!  She will sit next to you while you drink coffee at Starbucks, float the river with you in a kayak, or retriever birds all day.  When Muncie isn’t at Starbucks or kayaking she is hunting or training.  Muncie is a hard charging, great marker, she is very willing to work and learn!  Muncie still has years left to prove herself but judging by where she is in training now, her litter mates, and her mother, Hemi, I am sure she will be great!





Muncie was born on May 23, 2014, she is the daughter of my dog, Hardin’s Hot Rod Hemi SH, RA, CGC, NA, NAJ, NF and her sire is Int Champion Merganser’s Abram Tank MH.  Muncie is a AKC Junior Hunter.  She is a smaller female weighing about 50 lbs., with a muscular build and is a deep dark chocolate.  To see Muncie’s pedigree and clearances CLICK HERE.



Muncie was just bred to DieselMuncie was confirmed pregnant by ultrasound and we are expecting 7 puppies due January 1, 2018.  CLICK HERE for more information on the litter.









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