Extreme Gun Dog Program


hemi21birdsAdvanced training is for someone that wants an EXCELLENT hunting partner and/or wants to compete with their retriever in AKC or UKC Hunt Tests. This program is for dogs that have been through the basic gun dog program and/or have been through force fetch. Advanced training is very involved, and a lot of time and commitment is needed form both retriever and their owner to excel at this program. The time commitment for this program varies by what you want out of your retriever, it can be anywhere from 1 month to 6 months.
Rouge2The main focus of this training program is to teach retrievers to handle in a sequence of drills. When your retriever can successfully run a T-Drill (handling drill) initial blind training begins. Retrievers are taught sight blinds and memory blinds. When your retriever can run a decent land blind then they are taught to run water blinds. These skills are again built upon by introducing marks to the blinds. While your dog is being trained to handle, your dog will also continue to work on field work. Multiple marking will be taught, doubles, and triples plus dogs will be water forced and shore broke. Owners are strongly encouraged to participate in the advanced retriever training as much as possible. The more time you as a dog handler can put into your dog while it is in training and back at home will determine the long term outcome of your bird hunting dog.
The number of dogs in training at one time is limited ensuring your retriever gets the time and training they deserve. To discuss availability and a training program for your new pup call (503) 522-9896 or email adrienne@rogueretrievers.com.

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