Sir Golden Bear Of The Serengeti SH, “Bear”


Bear was born on August 8, 2010. He has his Senior Hunter Title, and came in 2nd place at the Oregon Chuckar Championship this year (2014).  Bear currently holds the state record at the Oregon Bird Dog challenge with 3 birds flushed, shot and retrieved in 1:34 seconds!  Bear will be working towards his Master Hunter Title this coming year as well as competing in the Oregon Bird Dog Challenge.  Bear also waterfowl and up-land hunts. He loves to waterfowl hunt but really excels in the upland field with a methodical but quick pace. 


Bear is a fun loving, family friendly, golden retriever that is a real joy to be around.  He is always in a good mood, no matter what.  He is always happy and excited to go do whatever you are doing, whether it is training or just going to get the paper.  


Bear has a compact athletic build and weighs 65 lbs.  He is golden in color with a touch of red in the sun. Bear is PRA and Ichthyosis clear.  His elbows are OFA normal and his hips are OFA Fair with Penn Hip in the 80th Percentile.  Since Bear’s hips are Fair he will only be bred to females with OFA Good or Excellent.  To view Bear’s clearances and pedigree please CLICK HERE.

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