Basic Gun Dog Program



Basic gun dog training and boarding is for retrievers 6 months and older and is a 3 month commitment. This basic program will get your retriever ready for hunting season and/or be the foundation for any future training. This program is centered around water fowl hunting, but initial up-land hunting can and will be taught.
DaisyishuntblindYour retriever will be taught to hold and be force fetched ensuring a great retrieve and delivery to hand. Your retriever will be taught to mark on land and water as well as introduced to gun fire and birds. Depending on how quick your dog excels in this program beginning handling will also be taught. Owners are strongly encouraged to participate in the training as much a possible! The more time you, as a retriever handler, can put into your retriever while it is in training and back at home will determine the long term outcome of your bird hunting dog.

The number of dogs in training at one time is limited ensuring your retriever gets the time and training they deserve. To discuss availability and a training program for gun dog call (503) 522-9896 or email




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