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Adrienne Hardin offers retriever training for AKC and UKC in Oregon and Washington stateAdrienne Hardin is dedicated to retriever training to get the most out of your dog’s ability, and has multiple training grounds available to her in Oregon and Washington state. Whether as great bird hunting companions or AKC Hunt Test competitors, when I train I set up retrievers for success. The outcome is always a happy, eager hunting dog that love to “work”.  I train and treat each retriever as if it was my own. The retrievers I train, and their owners, have gone on to have many successful hunting seasons and achieve many Hunt Test titles, including Master National qualifications.  This year I qualified three dogs for the 2010 Master National.

I also do all breed obedience training.  I have helped many people and dogs correct their issues.  For example last year I worked with a German Shepherd that was afraid of almost everything get over her fears.  I also compete in AKC and UKC obedience trials as well as AKC Rally.

I train a limited number of dogs, ensuring ample time with each one. I strongly believe in not just teaching the dog but also the owner.  I strongly encourage handlers to train and run their own dog.

Adrienne Hardin’s Accomplishments

Adrienne Hardin started training dogs early onI have been training dogs since the age of ten when I started my first Labrador Retriever, Lulu.  Lulu went on to become the Oregon 4-H State Champion two consecutive years.  I next trained my German Shepherd, Zita for pet therapy, AKC Obedience, and 4-H Obedience. Zita was also an Oregon 4-H State Champion.

In 2000 I started working for Doug Shade at Minoggie Kennels.  While working for Doug, I trained under my close friend and accomplished Field Trial trainer, Patti Kiernan.  I also worked some with Ed Minoggie himself.  In 2007 I decided to start training dogs on my own and have been doing so ever since.

Recently, I have trained my Labrador Retriever, Gussi for her Master Hunter Title and qualified her for the 2006, 2007,2008, and 2010 Master National.  I have also titled Gussi in AKC Obedience, Rally and have recently started competing in Agility. I feel that a great hunting dog can excel in many venues.  Along with Gussi I have trained many other dogs (including Gussi’s off spring) qualifying them at all Hunt Test levels, Junior, Senior, and Master.  I have also helped many people train and run their own dogs with much success.  In my spare time I volunteer at the local humane society and help with a local 4-H group.

Adrienne Hardin offers retriever training and obedience in Oregon and Washington stateAdrienne Hardin’s Commitment

I don’t just love dogs I love to train them.  I am strongly committed to your dogs while they are in my care, I treat them all as if they were my own.  I understand that no matter how GREAT of a competitor your dog is they are first and for most your loving pet.  I understand that owners love and miss their dogs while they are in training, I offer flexible training schedules that work for the dog I am training, as well as the families they belong to.

Adrienne Hardin’s retriever training and dog boarding kennel is located in Warren, Oregon which is a short drive from the Portland metropolitan area, and convenient to Washington state. I have access to many public and private training grounds ensuring my dogs get the best training I can give them.

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