Hemi Up-Date

hemivetAs you might know last summer we had a big scare with Hemi!  She got really sick and we couldn’t find out why?  We thought we were going to loose her!  We did x-rays and blood work and we couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her!  She would just lay on the floor in pain!  For more information you can read about in my previous blog, Hemi, My Little Brown Dog.

I ended my last blog with heading to Dr. Skinner, a neurologist at the Oregon Veterinary Specialist Hospital for a consult.  After chatting with the veterinary technician, Hemi getting an exam, more x-rays at a different angle, and chatting with Dr. Skinner, he decided that what Hemi had was an infection in her spine called, Discospondylitis.  He wasn’t a 100% sure, but he was pretty sure and since Hemi was already on antibiotics he said that we should just keep her on them for 5 more weeks, and x-ray her occasionally.  Hemi continued to respond to the antibiotics and her x-rays continued to confirm the diagnosis. 

hemiMrBillFinally, Hemi finished her antibiotics and Dr. Skinner told me if she could go 14 days with no symptoms Hemi was fine!  So we took Hemi pheasant hunting and I held my breath for 14 days!!!  We had one more re-check after the 14 days.  Since Hemi was acting normal and the X-ray confirmed Dr. Skinner’s diagnosis Dr. Skinner happily informed me that Hemi was fine!!!  He said she was, “clear to be Hemi” (only those who know Hemi would understand that quote) she could do agility, hunt, run, play, compete and even have puppies!



After Hemi was cleared to be Hemi she had a GREAT fall and winter!  She retrieved 100s of ducks on the Lower Columbia.  She did a little up-land hunting where she worked the field like a machine.  She also competed in her first Agility trials getting her Novice Jumpers, Standard, and Fast Titles.  It is surreal for me to think that just last summer we thought we might loose her! I have lost dogs of old age, had sick dogs, but I have never had an experience like I did last summer with Hemi.  The experience has really made me appreciate everything I get to do with her and my other dogs!  Now when competing I am more concerned with just being able to do compete and be with my dog then the ribbon.  Don’t get me wrong I still like to get ribbons, but the bigger picture is much more clear! 

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